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Access Control by Storable

Access Control by Storable

Access Control for SiteLink is here. And it's a game-changer. Our modern and efficient cloud-based Access Control software is embedded directly into your management software and existing workflows. It's so embedded that it's, in fact, seamless. This allows you to spend more of your time focusing on day-to-day operations while improving your tenant experience and maximizing your revenue.

Access Control by Storable
Embedded Access Control. Giving You the Tools to Take the Power Back. We believe operators should be empowered to configure and manage their Access Control solution the same way they're already running the rest of their business - within their facility management software.

Out-of-date solutions don't cut it in an era driven by technology and automation. Not when your facility's security and bottom line are in question. As an operator, you know your time is more valuable when focused on day-to-day operations, improving tenant experiences and maximizing your revenue. To achieve the success and operational efficiencies you desire, you need a centralized Access Control solution that seamlessly integrates with your management software and existing workflows. Above all, you need a solution that empowers you to control it remotely.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • Significant Time Saving
  • Optimal Tenant Experience
Access Control for Operators, Designed by Operators
Our Access Control build has been a collaboration between us and many of our clients. Moving forward, we'd love for your voice to be heard. By using our Access Control solution, you'll be included in conversations about what we're thinking about building next to ensure that it's addressing your most critical business challenges.

How Access Control by Storable Works With SiteLink

Embedded Directly Into Your Software
Web-Based Software - Seamlessly configure and manage your Access Control program directly within your SiteLink Software from anywhere at any time.
Remote Access Point Management - Remotely respond to Access Control issues by opening or closing your access points without having to be on-site.

Seamless Daily Workflows
Move-In Workflows - Simplify your daily workflows by granting tenant access privileges using Access Control tools embedded directly into the SiteLink tenant move-in flow.
Move-Out Workflows - Ensure your facility remains safe by automatically removing tenant access privileges during the SiteLink tenant move-out flow.
Automated Lockouts - Revoke tenant access privileges to your facility if they become delinquent and automatically reinstate them upon making a payment.

One Storable, One Support
Industry Expertise - Get the help you need faster with a support team that has a deep understanding of storage operators and tenants' unique needs earned from years of exclusively serving the storage industry.
Software & Access Control Expertise - Unlock new value between your software, Access Control solution, and the broader Storable Platform with a support team that's knowledgeable across our entire suite of products.

Contact Access Control by Storable

Visit The Access Control by Storable Website

Contact Access Control by Storable

Reach out to Access Control by Storable and express your interest in their integration with SiteLink.

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Contact Access Control by Storable

Reach out to Access Control by Storable and express your interest in their integration with SiteLink.

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