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Self-Storage Tenant Notifications

Cut cost handling paper, start your paperless office today and eliminate trips to the post office to send certified pieces. Reduce the hassle of “busy work” and increase revenue with automated tenant notifications. From legally binding lien notifications through email or USPS, to the automation of past due notices, robo calling and SMS text messages, SiteLink Marketplace partners have you covered.

Simple Certified Mail

The founders of are software technology experts who spent years in different industries that relied heavily on USPS Certified Mail®.

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The global leader in secure and certified electronic communications, RPost has helped businesses enhance their security, compliance, and productivity for more than a decade.

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Collections Manager

Collections Manager turns billing management into a competitive asset by automating many manual accounting and collection tasks.

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SelfStorageSMS takes the pain out of collecting on past due accounts. No more unanswered phone calls or unopened emails. Best of all, it’s completely automatic and runs every month like clockwork.

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Storage Collections

Storage Collections provides a seamlessly integrated past due messaging solution for all users of SiteLink.

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Using the power of our proprietary program and seamless integration with SiteLink, Late2Lien is a powerful and easy way to handle all of your late and lien notices.

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Already a hit with hundreds of storage managers nationwide, XpressCollect (part of OpenTech Alliance) is an automatic payment reminder and collection system for self-storage companies.

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