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SpareFoot Acquires SiteLink to Drive Innovation for the Self-Storage Industry

Written by Chuck Vion on March 29, 2018

SpareFoot, the world’s largest online self-storage marketplace, has agreed to acquire SiteLink, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the self-storage industry.

Customer Support is Job #1 – SiteLink Answers Your Calls

Written by Sue Creaser on March 13, 2018

SiteLink's highly-trained, responsive and helpful customer service team won't leave you hanging when you call.

Credit Card Security – What You Need to Know About the TLS Update

Written by Sue Creaser on February 12, 2018

Self-storage operators who take credit cards in our StandAlone product (Web Edition is not vulnerable) need to be aware of new PCI requirements that help protect sensitive data.

Where’s Your Data? The Scoop on SiteLink Server Load, Security and Uptime

Written by Sue Creaser on January 22, 2018

SiteLink is completely invested in ensuring that your data is safe and only as accessible as you allow it to be. You can rely on the fact that SiteLink’s servers–the physical place where your data is stored–are configured and certified for the highest level of data security.

SiteLink Announces Annual PCI DSS Level 1 Recertification

Written by Sue Creaser on January 15, 2018

SiteLink maintains highest level of data protection available for its software users with renewed PCI DSS Level 1 Certification.

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