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2016 MSM Facility of the Year Award Winners

Written by Chuck Vion on December 13, 2016 under Award

2016 MSM Facility of the Year Award Winners

Service Takes Center Stage At These Operations

Mini-Storage Messenger announced their 2016 Facility of the Year Award winners and the New Facility of the Year and International Facility of the Year award winners trust SiteLink Web Edition to manage and grow their facilities. Since 2004, SiteLink customers represent more than half of all Facility of the Year winners.

Tri-Village Self-Storage in Columbus, OH -- New Facility of the Year

This new multi-million dollar facility was designed and constructed specifically to offer clean, secure, convenient and cost effective storage for everything from seasonal items to expensive collectibles; including the most sophisticated wine storage facility in the Midwest.

In addition to six floors and 48,148-rentable-square-feet of storage, the facility supplies free Wi-Fi and an exquisite wine tasting and meeting room. Along with a 24/7 kiosk, Tri-Village provides customers the ability to reserve and even move-in online using an electronic lease powered by SiteLink eSign™. Reservations and rentals go directly into SiteLink where managers see everything tenants enter on the website. Having SiteLink as their hub makes it easy for managers to follow up and for owners to measure the result of their online presence.

In keeping with their quest to use technology to its fullest, Tri-Village also uses the highly integrated SiteLink Merchant Services for payment processing which helps them reduce errors, audit, auto-reconcile and get lower rates. With SiteLink OneSupport, they rely on the industry's only company offering seven day service for both software and payment processing.

Mr. Bodeguitas in San Salvador, El Salvador -- International Facility of the Year

Technically called Mr Bodeguitas - Juan Pablo II, it may be first four-story, urban and modern-designed self-storage in San Salvador, if not Central America. It is part of a nine store portfolio with two more in the works. When Federico Rolz, CEO of Bodeguitas, joined the company five years ago, he said his goal was “to modernize the company, bring in all the systems, and redefine the marketing strategy and business intelligence to build a platform that would allow us to grow rapidly and be the best in the region.” He further explains, “the first step was implementing SiteLink as their management software and then getting his management team on board to manage their portfolio with a service driven mindset.” The multi-language version of cloud-based SiteLink Web Edition along with Spanish speaking customer support from SiteLink made for an easy transition.

In order to succeed in an area with a high crime rate, it was important for customers to feel safe as well as be assured their belongings are safe as well. In addition to thirty-two CCTV cameras monitored by a private security company who also patrol the grounds several times a day, they installed a wireless alarm system, panic buttons and access keypads. The keypads are setup to work with SiteLink and keep track of tenants who visit the facility. With a commitment to safety and modern amenities, this 31,200-rentable-square-foot facility is 95% occupied and a model for future stores in Central America.

Congratulations to Tri-Village Self-Storage, Mr Bodeguitas and all those who contribute to their success!

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