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SiteLink Launches StorageForum

Written by Sue Creaser on May 22, 2017 under Milestones & Training & Customer Feedback & Customer Success

SiteLink Launches StorageForum

Get more out of SiteLink and enrich your business through conversation

Raleigh, NC. May 22, 2017 — SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, is excited to announce the launch of StorageForum, a discussion-based website designed for the SiteLink community and open to the self-storage industry as a whole.

StorageForum launched on May 15th and clocked over 39,000 page views in its first 3 days. The syndicated daily comic Dilbert (Lifestyle section) is reportedly a “huge hit,” and users happily weighed in on the first SiteLink poll asking “How often do you run a promotion?” Activity quickly ramped up with many lively software and non-software related conversations ranging from ideas on marketing to recommendations on tablets for SiteLink eSign™.

In StorageForum, users can discuss SiteLink software, ask industry-specific questions, discover marketplace partners and explore the unique aspects of the self-storage business. On the lighter side, categories such as Humor, Pets and Opinion add a bit of entertainment to forum visitors. Its goal is to promote helpful, educational and thought-provoking conversations through the free exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. Some discussion topics include:

  • SiteLink Software 
  • Self-Storage Operations 
  • SiteLink Marketplace Products and Services 
  • Regional Categories (local discussions in your part of the world) 
  • Industry News 
  • 3rd Party Management 
  • Opinion, Lifestyle and Humor

An excellent resource for those starting out in the industry and seasoned storage professionals alike, StorageForum has a place for everyone. StorageForum is found on the website and through “Community” buttons in the SiteLink client and myHub portal. Visitors are welcome; take a look at

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