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What is SiteLink myHub and How do I Get Started? Take the New Course Today!

Written by Sue Creaser on July 27, 2018

SiteLink myHub is easy to use, mobile-friendly, and loaded with all the features you need. Get up to speed on myHub with our latest course in the SiteLink Certified Professional training and development program.

SiteLink Launches Certified Professional Training Program

Written by Chuck Vion on September 29, 2017

Groundbreaking training course will educate users and recognize proficiency in SiteLink self-storage management software

SiteLink Launches StorageForum

Written by Sue Creaser on May 22, 2017

StorageForum is here! Designed as a place to ask questions, share knowledge and talk about SiteLink software, users can actively engage with others in the SiteLink community.

SiteLink 2015 Year in Review

Written by Chuck Vion on January 28, 2016 • Webinar Introduction

Always innovating with a customer focus, SiteLink added personnel, office space, new technology partners and a number of product enhancements to increase the value provided to its customers. 2015 was a record year for SiteLink! Our software is in use at more than 12,000 stores worldwide -- and in 2015 SiteLink added more customers to the SiteLink family than in any previous year.

SiteLink eSign Integrates With Blue Moon Lease

Written by Chuck Vion on September 29, 2015 • Webinar Introduction

SiteLink, the leader in self-storage management software worldwide, expands its Blue Moon Software partnership. Adding to the ability to pre-fill electronic leases, SiteLink Web Edition customers can now use electronic signature, store, manage and audit their Blue Moon leases right within the self-storage management software -- an industry-first.

Effectively Manage and Increase Revenue with SiteLink Price Optimizer

Written by James Renouf on July 08, 2015 • Webinar Introduction

SiteLink has powerful tools to help you manage revenue for both new move-ins and existing tenants. We branded these tools SiteLink Price Optimzer, "always the right price." Just as the airline and hotel industries have been adjusting rates for years based upon supply and demand, you can do the same in real-time to maximize your revenue.

Six Questions to Ask During a Self-Storage Facility Audit

Written by Chuck Vion on June 08, 2015 • Webinar Introduction

Performing a self-storage facility audit is a very important task for any owner to ensure that operations are running smoothly and according to set policies and procedures. Audits should be performed periodically and without notice to ascertain a wide range of operational deficiencies; sometimes the result of theft.

How to Use SiteLink During the Facility Audit Process

Written by Chuck Vion on June 03, 2015 • Webinar Introduction

Audits are essential to operate a self-storage facility as efficiently and effectively as possible. Assessing your self-storage facility means maintaining a regular "check-up." When was your last facility check-up?

View Facility Performance with the SiteLink Management Summary Report

Written by Chuck Vion on May 13, 2015

One of the most popular reports in SiteLink is the management summary report. Many customers use this report to gain an overall performance view of the facility.

SiteLink TOTAL Accounting Webinar Series Continues

Written by Chuck Vion on April 22, 2015 • Webinar Introduction

SiteLink TOTAL Accounting not only pairs up with your accounting system but also delivers reports for single and multi-storage operators alike, including consolidated, trending and historical documents.

How to Export with SiteLink TOTAL Accounting

Written by Chuck Vion on April 01, 2015 • Webinar Introduction

SiteLink TOTAL Accounting delivers financial reporting, audit tools and integration with the accounting software of your choice; included in SiteLink Web Edition at no additional cost. SiteLink TOTAL Accounting exports to ASystems, Business Works, Great Plains, Great Plains + Cash Management, Great Plains + Cash, Check Management, MAS 90, Maxwell Colonial, MRI Accounting, PeachTree, QuickBooks, Real Property Plus, Simply Accounting, Skyline, Solomon, Timberline and Yardi.

How To Process Payments in SiteLink

Written by James Renouf on February 26, 2015

SiteLink gives you a choice in partners. The new SiteLink Merchant Services are built in to SiteLink to give you a better way to process credit cards. The following steps show you how to easily process payments within SiteLink.

How to Convert an Online Reservation to a Rental

Written by James Renouf on January 19, 2015

The online reservation dynamic in the self-storage industry has evolved over the last several years. It has moved from many self-storage operators considering online reservations as a nice "bells and whistles" feature to now absolutely essential to capture leads.

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