SiteLink Marketplace Integrations

Shop for SiteLink technology partners in one central area - the SiteLink Marketplace. SiteLink Marketplace partners enjoy the highest standards of API integration and SiteLink's built-in test and verification tools give owners instant peace of mind and ensure proper service. These partners offer the level of support and quality products that SiteLink customers have come to expect.

Having choice allows you to partner with the industry-leading providers who best fit your business.

Use SiteLink and Marketplace partners to boost profits. Automatically share account details, unit pricing, availability and key data with technology partners. Create more powerful websites, call center solutions, kiosks, payment gateways, tenant insurance, internet listing services and more.

Listing Services

Extend your internet presence and convert more leads with listing services.

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Websites, Marketing & Apps

Online rentals and tenant account management are must have features of your website.

Credit Card Processing

Accept online payments via credit card processors and provide a simpler way for tenants to pay.

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ACH / EFT Bank Drafts

Accept ACH/EFT payments directly from your website and SiteLink with low transaction fees.

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Add revenue and profit by offering integrated tenant insurance which also mitigates your liability.

Call Centers

Call centers answer phones when you can’t and eliminate missed leads and rentals.

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TeleTracker Phone Integration

Log and measure every call. Stop missing leads and start analyzing phone traffic.

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SMS / Texting

Save time and improve collections with automated, integrated text messaging or SMS.

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Tenant Notifications

Cut the cost handling paper. Start your paperless office today and eliminate trips to the post office.

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Kiosks offer “reservation completion” where tenants reserve units online and complete reservations at the kiosk.

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Revenue management, competitor pricing, focused promotions, and consulting make for better decisions.

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Auction & Lien

Integrate with auction & lien partners who can assist you in legally auctioning your self-storage units.

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Gates & Access

Gate access, door alarms and security systems are available with SiteLink Marketplace Partners.

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Leases & Legal

Legal advice in the self-storage industry and protects you and your business.

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SiteLink Management Partners

New to the industry, wanting to expand or simply scaling back and looking for someone to take care of your property? Discuss your options with a management company and find the best outcome to maximize profits that also make the best use of your time.

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