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SiteLink eFile Management Delivers Paperless Office, Exceeds One Million

Written by Chuck Vion on November 16, 2016 under Milestones & Electronic Signature

SiteLink eFile Management Delivers Paperless Office, Exceeds One Million

More than just eSign, electronically execute, track and store documents

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for self-storage operations of all sizes, marks a new milestone with the rapid adoption of its free, built-in eFile Management now storing more than one million documents in SiteLink Web Edition.

SiteLink eFile Management lets owners store, track and manage electronically signed documents via SiteLink eSign™ and organize up to nine captured or uploaded photos and scanned documents in a tenant’s record using the ePhotos & eFiles feature. Operators access these electronic items through the cloud-based SiteLink software from any computer. Photos and forms, including those taken on kiosks, remain with tenants in SiteLink even after they move out.

SiteLink eSign is the legally binding signature capture component of eFile Management, allowing owners to execute, track and store leases, insurance forms and other documents electronically. Ease of use, email capability and audit features have skyrocketing the use of SiteLink eSign. More than 2,200 locations have enabled SiteLink eSign since it’s launch in November 2014.

There are no hidden fees or per document/lease costs for SiteLink eSign. SiteLink Web Edition customers only need to enable SiteLink eSign and add keywords to their existing documents to convert them to electronic signature. Operators can design forms with multiple signatures, initials, check boxes and open text fields. More than a dozen state self-storage associations, including Florida and the Texas Blue Moon lease, collaborated with SiteLink to integrate their lease with SiteLink eSign - they are ready to go out of the box. Additional SiteLink enabled state association leases are on the way.

Create A Paperless Workflow

A paperless workflow allows an operator to process leases and tenant insurance documents at the store, when renting by phone via email and online via their website. The electronic format speeds up the rental process, providing a user-friendly experience for the consumer, taking them off the market faster. As enabling technology, SiteLink eFile/eSign makes online move-ins possible and call centers more effective.

The SiteLink eSign Console in eFile Management is a browser-based tool for managing SiteLink eSign enabled documents that are out for tenant’s signature, awaiting manager’s signature, voided or completed. The powerful Completed Lease Audit feature allows operators to instantly view the form-field data for each lease, including rates and variances. Eliminating the banker box and paper lease search saves time better spent on more value-added tasks.

"SiteLink eSign is amazing and customers love it," said Brenda Williams, Hold Self-Storage's Customer Service Representative in Ontario, Canada. "It has cut the time to process a lease in half and allowed the company to go paperless and reduce cost substantially. I can't remember how we used to work with all that paper and time-consuming procedures and can't imagine business today without SiteLink eSign."

Not just simple signature capture, but built-in forensics that log IP addresses, document activity, document hashes, signature hashes, and other security information prevent tampering and allow SiteLink eSign leases and documents to hold up in court. Instead of storing the electronic signature separate from the PDF document, SiteLink is able to embed the signature and all forensic information directly into the PDF document.

Storage owners can expect SiteLink eFile Management to grow in 2017. "SiteLink has made the paperless office a reality," said Markus Hecker, SiteLink's Chief operating Officer. "We integrated the Texas Self-Storage Association's Blue Moon lease with SiteLink eSign last year. In 2017, we will expand SiteLink eSign to include other Blue Moon forms as well as storing credit card receipt signatures."

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