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SiteLink Adds Out-of-the-Box Online Rental Options to its Web Template and SiteLinkStore

Written by Sue Creaser on September 21, 2018 under New Features & SiteLinkStore & Web Template & Online Rentals

SiteLink Adds Out-of-the-Box Online Rental Options to its Web Template and SiteLinkStore

No-cost, easy setup with simple Move-In button

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for self-storage operations of all sizes, is excited to announce new, free online move-in features for Web Edition customers.


  • The popular SiteLink Web Template now includes online rentals
  • Operators without a website can offer online payments, reservations and rentals to tenants on their own free website
  • New feature makes it easier and available to all customers without extra cost or the need for third-party integrations

Online rentals for everyone

Until now, only the SiteLink API allowed owners and web designers to offer online rentals to tenants. Now, all of SiteLink’s web platforms provide a start-to-finish online shopping experience by simply enabling a Move-In button. This includes SiteLinkStore, the free eCommerce website for operators who do not have their own website, and SiteLink’s popular Web Template letting owners add online rentals to payments and reservation options on their own website.

With the new Move-In button, tenants follow simple, step-by-step prompts to rent a unit, choose tenant insurance, make a payment and sign an electronic lease. All completed rentals are synced with SiteLink in real-time and available inventory updated instantly on the store’s website. Tenants conveniently sign documents online via SiteLink eSign™, SiteLink’s free service for capturing electronic signatures on leases, letters and forms.

Benefits of online rentals

Operators of all sizes can now reap the same benefits many large operators have enjoyed for years. Online rentals offer anytime, anywhere convenience for shoppers and tenants, plus saves time for managers and boosts profits for operators. New tenants can even set themselves up on autopay during the online move-in process. Offering an all-online move-in process allows managers and owners to spend more time on other business activities.

“This is a great solution for many of our customers, especially those who do not have a website,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Client Advocate. “The web tools are easy to add and included with your subscription.”

Helping more owners automate their business

Online rentals are not new to SiteLink – this new feature simply makes it easier and available to all customers without extra cost or the need for third-party integrations. The free SiteLinkStore website and the SiteLink Web Template (both included with Web Edition at no charge) let operators add online rentals from within SiteLink without special technical experience.

Custom websites and online move-in workflows have been available in SiteLink for years via API integrations or through one of SiteLink’s Marketplace technology partners, which remain great choices for customizing websites and digital marketing efforts. In addition, SiteLink is integrating and expanding tie-ins with storEDGE website products using the SiteLink API.

SiteLink is committed to offering more convenience, choice and features to automate your business and increase rentals. Owners can choose to enable the new feature or not at any time, depending on their business rules and workflows.

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