Customer Support is Job #1 – SiteLink Answers Your Calls

Written by Sue Creaser on March 13, 2018 under SiteLink Reliability & Customer Service

Customer Support is Job #1 – SiteLink Answers Your Calls

SiteLink Reliability


  • SiteLink's in-house customer support team gets top customer satisfaction reviews
  • Investments in call monitoring and tracking system leads to low hold times
  • Feedback gained through technical support is a critical part of SiteLink’s improvement processes

Culture of responsiveness and ownership

Once you’ve purchased and installed the software, SiteLink does not leave you to fend for yourself. When you call SiteLink support, you’ll reach one of about 24 highly training customer support specialists at SiteLink’s Raleigh, NC headquarters. The support team uses a VoIP phone system to monitor all calls, and a powerful ticketing system to track calls, emails and feature requests to ensures thorough and timely follow-up. At-a-glance, customer service offers:

  • After-hours emergency support available
  • Both English and Spanish available
  • An impressive 90% of calls answered immediately
  • Approx. 8500 calls answered per month
  • Live staff available from 7am to 7pm EST
  • After hours support 24-7

The SiteLink support team is well trained. New hires start with a week of listening in on customer calls, learning just as much about the software as they do about SiteLink’s customer base. “Taking the time to train staff properly is vital to the team’s success,” said Eric Lewis, Customer Support Manager at SiteLink. “We learn to listen carefully to each situation, ask the right questions, and in the end provide the best customer service we can.”

Customers say SiteLink “sets the standard” for customer service: “Working with SiteLink’s customer support staff has made our business relationship even better,” said one SiteLink user. “When I think of technical support, I often have a vision of an outsourced company overseas handling customer calls. I have personally visited the SiteLink office and saw more than twenty fully trained techs answering calls and emails.”

SiteLink’s leadership in support extends to its Marketplace partnerships. Partners offer the level of support and quality products that SiteLink customers have come to expect. Gate not working? Payments not working? Because of the culture of ownership at SiteLink, we’ll address the problem and help you find a solution.

Keeping it local

Across the IT industry, almost a quarter of organizations outsource their help desk services, a trend that’s now on the decline, according to Computer Economics. Most companies cite cost savings in training, salaries, and even space as main reasons. But that doesn’t fit with SiteLink’s high standards of communication, reliability and customer support.

SiteLink firmly believes that on-site, highly trained technical specialists are crucial for growth and cultivating relationships with customers. After converting more than 14,000 stores, SiteLink has a proven approach to migrating data and training customers for success and then providing ongoing support. This system of direct customer contact results in not only valuable feedback–but loyalty as well.

“Having support and development in-house allows for the flexibility and creativity we need to grow while keeping our business goals at the forefront,” said Ross Lampe, President of SiteLink. “Plus, our employees are more invested in SiteLink’s success than a third party would be.”

Customer feedback is a critical component of growth

Software needs to evolve with changing technologies, trends and more. Customer support fills that crucial pipeline of exciting ideas that originate from users who are in the software every day. SiteLink relies on customer feedback–including problems handled by tech support–for growth. Customers in turn rely on SiteLink to fix problems and keep their operations running smoothly.

SiteLink’s professional support team can help you take advantage of the software’s full range of features. SiteLink’s system of free service also includes regular, on-demand GoToMeeting sessions, automatic live updates, the SiteLink Certified Professional training and development program, and a resource library full of training videos, FAQs and webinars.

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