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The versatile access control system. Available throughout Europe, with over a million total customers. Manage your site's access and security from a website or app.

BearBox International designs and installs cutting-edge systems tailored to your customers' needs and challenges. A young and agile company, BearBox brings together the very latest security technologies in new and creative ways.

BearBox is an access control system with unparalleled features, combining unit monitoring, CCTV and a huge range of possible access credentials - all in one cloud-based platform.

Each BearBox installation is a bespoke system that BearBox designs for you, using top quality components. BearBox then gives you control of your site through your web browser or phone, allowing you to remotely control doors, set your alarm timings, and deal with on-site events from wherever you are in the world.

How BearBox Works With SiteLink

SiteLink Integration
COMING SOON - BearBox will integrate with SiteLink so that as soon as you've set up a new client, their gate code will work on a BearBox keypad.

Choose Your Credentials
BearBox offers access via code,fob, QR code, vehicle number plate, biometrics, and an app for your customers. All credentials are added in SiteLink and passed to BearBox.

Fine-Tune Your Site Rules
Every site is a little different, so BearBox allows you to make up your own rules. Limit customer access by time and entry point simply by allocating them a zone in SiteLink. With BearBox you can also set rules to automatically open gates on a daily schedule, or even turn on a specific set of lights to guide the customer to their unit.

Site Access Via App
BearBox Control is a free app for your customers that allows them to register a free account, add PINs, then use them when on site to open access doors.App access only works within a set of coordinates that you define.

Automatic Overlocking
Use BearLocks to automatically overlock units whenever a client is marked as locked out by SiteLink – no need to have a staff member physically padlock their unit.

Stay informed with notification alerts for doors left open and forced unit doors via email and SMS.

Contact BearBox

Visit The BearBox Website

Contact BearBox

Reach out to BearBox and express your interest in their integration with SiteLink.

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Contact BearBox

Reach out to BearBox and express your interest in their integration with SiteLink.

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