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SiteLink customers love our self-storage management software. For eight years straight, we have been voted ISS Best Management Software by our peers and customers. If you want to share a testimony on how you use SiteLink we have a variety of places you can share your review such as Capterra, Google or Facebook.

I would like to publicly recognize the entire staff at SiteLink for helping me get through a really difficult task. When I took over management of a poorly organized self-storage facility in New Hampshire, I was given “carte blanche” from the owners to straighten out the mess. I immediately requested they purchase the SiteLink StandAlone PC-based management software package. Bob Myers, Senior Sales Executive at SiteLink, knew I had a mountain of difficulties ahead of me and advised me all along the way, never losing patience. I quickly discovered many discrepancies left behind due to the previous manager’s lack of proper management software and poor record-keeping skills. Using SiteLink, I was able to resolve issues with unit count, tenant records and vacancies. I even had to move-out and move-in a few customers just to get the record straight. I could not have done this without Bob and his band of merry software engineers! They were there for me when I had the craziest questions and complicated situations. The professionalism and high competency of everyone at SiteLink is to be commended, and I want to sincerely thank Bob and the engineering staff for their unwavering and helpful support.

SiteLink StandAlone Edition

With SiteLink myHub, I can log into one account to run cards and then jump to a different location to run those cards, and so on. It was awesome knowing I could bounce from one site to the other, run cards, and not interrupt the process.

SiteLink Web Edition SiteLink myHub

I worked with representatives from both SiteLink software and SiteLink Merchant Services on a software transition of our newly acquired facility in Ohio. I cannot say enough about how positive of an experience I have had working with them both. They have both been incredibly proactive and responsive throughout the process and, perhaps more importantly, have both been friendly, energetic, enthusiastic and patient during a somewhat complex and convoluted process. I can’t recall having such an enjoyable and easy time working with two individuals in a business setting before

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

The SiteLink Certified Professional Course is extremely valuable. It’s not only great training for new users, but also ideal for folks who’ve used SiteLink for a while as an opportunity to review, re-learn, and polish our skills.

SiteLink Web Edition SiteLink Certified Professional

I cannot say enough good things about SiteLink customer support! The technicians are unparalleled. I have never spoken to anyone who didn’t know every single thing about the software. Every little question I have they totally answer and totally fix the problem for me by talking me through it or by taking control of the computer to show me how. They are all highly professional, very polite, and go above and beyond to answer all of my questions.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport
Mike Wilson
Smart Storage Ltd
Managing Director

From built-in card processing and eSign to website integration and other API connections, SiteLink have delivered the tools we were missing to advance our business.

SiteLink Web Edition

We’ve had SiteLink Web Edition since we started with just the one storage location. The software is constantly improving and has grown with us.

SiteLink Web Edition
Kraig Martin
Storage Vault
Commercial Director

SiteLink offers a wide range of financial, marketing, tenant and occupancy reports. They’re all so in-depth and very good.

SiteLink Web Edition

SiteLink has great customer service, available to talk and walk you thru problems. We have new managers on occasion and this feature saves me time.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport
Peter Phillips
Stor Mor
General Manager

The SiteLink team was hands on with timing of conversion and executing transfer of merchant services, tenant information, gate codes/interface, and provided an overall world class experience.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport
Krissy Winther
District Manager

Our company converted all of our 3, soon to be 4, facilities to SiteLink from various other software and there is absolutely no comparison. From customization, ease of use, convenience and an outstanding sales and support staff SiteLink truly is a superior product. We are continually grateful to them for helping us move our business forward.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport

SiteLink has been a blessing from day one, everyone from software sales to merchant services has been incredible. The tech staff spent a couple hours just helping me get the demo installed on my computer before I had spent one dime with them, really shows a level of commitment when I had not even paid for anything yet. We are one month in with our new facility and SiteLink has been an ease and techs are just one phone call again. I would highly recommend to any other operators of any size.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

After switching to SiteLink Merchant Services, our payment processing is running flawlessly. If I ever need assistance the SiteLink team is quick to respond with excellent service. I'm extremely happy!

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

We switched to SiteLink Merchant Services and cut the time we spent reconciling immediately. OneSupport made the change seamless for us. The ease of use for managers and back office is noticeably superior.

SiteLink Merchant Services AutoRec OneSupport

We have been using SiteLink Web Edition and Corporate Control Center for years. When they said they had become merchant service providers, we were immediately intrigued by the idea. We thought we'd give it a try with a handful of new acquisitions, I mean - why not? We had such a positive experience that we chose to move all our merchant services to SiteLink. The biggest advantage of using SiteLink and SiteLink Merchant Services is the seamless usage. What I mean about that is...if a transaction doesn't record properly in SiteLink, or on a tenant's card, there is no ability for finger pointing between Management system and Merchant supplier, no back and forth - SiteLink just handles it. And I must say, we haven't even had any instances of that - our prior Management System and Merchant supplier would send us back and forth so many times that we would just give up and manually record or refund to make it right. We've seen a lot of systems over the years, as we acquire and take on previous systems and convert them. We now convert to SiteLink - Day One! We also smile to ourselves when we learn a selling location is already ON SiteLink, we know our lives are going to be so much easier. The SiteLink team is top-notch, they not only know what THEY are doing, they are not satisfied until WE know what we are doing - quite a feat for a technology company! Unsurpassed!! As far as conversions go - SiteLink does it all - easy peasy.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport AutoRec
Kevin Tucker
Tombstone Self Storage

Went from SiteLink's desktop version to web-based with card processing. Web-based is a little different from the desktop version, but it is all good. SiteLink Merchant Services credit card processing is so much faster--yay! Customer Service is, as always, outstanding.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

I have been working with SiteLink Merchant Services team since September 2015 to current and I am extremely impressed with the prompt reply to email and phone calls. If they feel a call can get to a solution faster, they are on it.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

The SiteLink team was hands on with timing of conversion and executing transfer of merchant services, tenant information, gate codes/interface, and provided an overall world class experience.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

The product is outstanding; it is comprehensive and instinctual to use. The customer service is exceptional.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport

We are new users to SiteLink and we recently opened our storage business. The software is powerful and easy to use. The experience with the SiteLink customer support desk has been great. The support staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Several times they have connected to our system and answered our questions by showing how its done. We evaluated several software vendors in our selection process and are very pleased we made the right decision to go with SiteLink.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport
Mikki Eldridge
Stor All
Director of Operations

We have used Site Link over the past 10 years. I love the software, I use it everyday as Director of Operations. It is very user friendly for my managers, and the tech support is very helpful.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport

SiteLink is a vital tool to our success. We use most of the features available to us - the most important being their Revenue Management. The integration with our website, kiosk and online rental platform is invaluable - it helps us compete with the big guys. SiteLink - keep up the good work!

SiteLink Web Editon SiteLink Price Optimizer
Michael Brady
WestPort Properties, Inc.
Chief Operations Officer

We have been using SiteLink for over 10 years and it has served us well. SiteLink offers a great value and is constantly adding additional features and improving their software.

SiteLink Web Edition

Love the web-based software - easy to use. Tech support is great, I take comfort in knowing I just have to pick up the phone. Olivia said I'd love it - just go at it a little at a time. That has worked well. Thank you Olivia.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport

I would just start by saying the SiteLink staff and support is what sold the product. They were very patient with us in training our staff and helping during the implementation. The installation went very smoothly and was there to help with any questions. Post implementation their support staff is always very responsive and helps my staff the first time without additional follow-up calls. Overall the product is easy to use and flows well. I like that it is on their servers, which are backed up, so we do not have to worry about losing data if anything happens to our PC. I like the ability to sign on from home to look at reports. I have recommended this software to friends and family that are in the Self Storage business.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport

I have been using SiteLink for 12 years, and it wasn't until about one year ago that I went from SiteLink Stand Alone to SiteLink Web Edition. I should have made the change sooner, but I, Amy Cardinale was hesitant to make the change until my son joined our company. He has a degree in computer science, and he told me that I had to get in the 21st century to stay competitive.

I absolutely love SiteLink! It all began when I met Bob at the one and only show I attended years ago, his personality and salesmanship was great. I felt comfortable because he told me SiteLink has great tech support. He was right. People like James and Steve are fantastic. When I call tech support, I know that I am talking to someone at SiteLink and not at an outsourced company in another continent, which means that the tech support person knows what they're doing. Tech support is the number one reason I stay with SiteLink.

The second reason I stay with SiteLink is because it's very user-friendly. Everything I need is self-contained in the program and it makes operations so much easier. Reports are concise and they keep me up-to-date with my operations. They give visibility to changes that need to be made to maintain high occupancy. Also, getting on board with SiteLink is very easy. Just for kicks, I shopped around to compare SiteLink to other programs, and I found that there just isn't any comparison. All around SiteLink is a great program.

My 2015 self-storage prediction is that we will see many new self-storage facilities pop up. I am on 9-acres with 700 units and over 500 tenants, and I am always 95% full. Our second location that uses SiteLink is a 20,000 square foot warehouse that stores upper scale cars, boats, trucks -- and it is also running at 95% full. New companies that are on the horizon should definitely choose SiteLink. It will be a big asset to get their business up and running much quicker.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport
Matt Van Horn
Cutting Edge Self Storage
Vice President of Operations

The fact that SiteLink eSign™ is entirely electronic means that we can virtually eliminate printing costs, and we don't have to worry about a physical rental agreement getting damaged. We can also be less concerned about the security of the rental agreement while stored online. From an operations perspective, this is great. On the customer side, it allows the online execution of rental agreements. Executing rental agreements which used to be limited to customers visiting our office, can now be easily emailed, executed, and stored.

In 2015, I believe the self-storage industry is going to see technology come together in more of a self-storage related ecosystem. More and more companies are introducing new technologies and SiteLink's API makes it easy for 3rd parties to integrate into the management software. So whether it's a company like Call Potential that integrate's their CRM with SiteLink, or SiteLink creating new services, there will be plenty of new options in self-storage technology.

SiteLink Web Edition SiteLink eSign™
Peter Spickenagel
Storage Pros Management, LLC
Vice President of Operations

SiteLink's revenue management is one of the most important features for us. A lot of Operators in the industry are starting to implement tenant rate increases and change street rate prices on a more frequent basis. This is a good thing for our industry. We use many of SiteLink's tools, especially the reporting tools, to make assumptions and decisions about our tenant rate increases and street rate prices. Many in the industry believe occupancy as the only revenue driver, but higher revenue isn't always tied to occupancy. Our top line has gone up significantly while in some cases occupancy has decreased."

The self-storage industry has always been behind the rest of the business world in regards to technology. But, it's nice to see that we are slowly starting to make great strides. SiteLink is always innovating to keep up with the times. SiteLink eSign™ is one example. It's nice to have everything in one solution, and I am sure SiteLink will continue to expand their services in 2015 and beyond to be the one source for an owner or operator to successfully run their business.

SiteLink Web Edition SiteLink Price Optimizer

In Australia we have had online rentals for four years. We have thousands of them for customers. Sites even get them when they are closed! It's not the only way to do business, but it satisfies those who want to get an online rental -- and these days there are plenty who want that. Not to mention, online rentals save time and eliminate the paper and ink cost too.

SiteLink Web Edition SiteLink eSign™

We recently opened a third location office which is operated remotely. One of our managers who is tech savvy likes the fact that he can operate that location from Bronson Parrish anywhere. If I am out of town on business, it's easy for me to have a manager to take care of payments and other day-to-day operations. Payments are easy to process, and I really like the Google Maps functionality and the ability to print out invoices automatically. Reports are great -- there is just about any kind of report you want. The other accounting programs are intimidating.

Before I selected SiteLink, I did very in-depth research and even did a few trials with other software programs. They were not user-friendly like SiteLink. What sold me on SiteLink is that it's very intuitive. It's easy to teach someone that hasn't previously used management software.

I am not good at making predictions, but what I would like to see in 2015 is the ability to integrate with tablets. I predict SiteLink will come out with an expanded tablet integration that offers more functionality.

SiteLink Web Edition Enterprise Management

I love SiteLink! I switched to SiteLink from another software. Quick response from SiteLink support (when rarely needed). Through the years of transitioning to the web edition, Bob was always responsive to my requests/suggestions- adding some of them to the programming as early as 1 day later! Today, Tavis politely provided very helpful information on the lesser-used features that are available. Great program. Great service!

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport

We just started using SiteLink, still in the set-up process so the tech support is really important. We had been using a 20-year-old program the best we could. We are excited to get the set-up completed. It will definitely make our jobs much easier.

Thanks to all you techies for your help, I'm almost there.

SiteLink Web Edition OneSupport

You can't run a professional self-storage business without a best-of-breed management software solution. SiteLink TOTAL Accounting offers owners a high level financial perspective. We see owners gain operational efficiency from its drill-down, succinct analysis and in-depth, real-time reporting.

SiteLink Web Edition TOTAL Accounting
SiteLink Web Edition

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