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SiteLink customers love our self-storage management software. For eight years straight, we have been voted ISS Best Management Software by our peers and customers. If you want to share a testimony on how you use SiteLink we have a variety of places you can share your review such as Capterra, Google or Facebook.

I worked with representatives from both SiteLink software and SiteLink Merchant Services on a software transition of our newly acquired facility in Ohio. I cannot say enough about how positive of an experience I have had working with them both. They have both been incredibly proactive and responsive throughout the process and, perhaps more importantly, have both been friendly, energetic, enthusiastic and patient during a somewhat complex and convoluted process. I can’t recall having such an enjoyable and easy time working with two individuals in a business setting before

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

SiteLink has been a blessing from day one, everyone from software sales to merchant services has been incredible. The tech staff spent a couple hours just helping me get the demo installed on my computer before I had spent one dime with them, really shows a level of commitment when I had not even paid for anything yet. We are one month in with our new facility and SiteLink has been an ease and techs are just one phone call again. I would highly recommend to any other operators of any size.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

We have been using SiteLink Web Edition and Corporate Control Center for years. When they said they had become merchant service providers, we were immediately intrigued by the idea. We thought we'd give it a try with a handful of new acquisitions, I mean - why not? We had such a positive experience that we chose to move all our merchant services to SiteLink. The biggest advantage of using SiteLink and SiteLink Merchant Services is the seamless usage. What I mean about that is...if a transaction doesn't record properly in SiteLink, or on a tenant's card, there is no ability for finger pointing between Management system and Merchant supplier, no back and forth - SiteLink just handles it. And I must say, we haven't even had any instances of that - our prior Management System and Merchant supplier would send us back and forth so many times that we would just give up and manually record or refund to make it right. We've seen a lot of systems over the years, as we acquire and take on previous systems and convert them. We now convert to SiteLink - Day One! We also smile to ourselves when we learn a selling location is already ON SiteLink, we know our lives are going to be so much easier. The SiteLink team is top-notch, they not only know what THEY are doing, they are not satisfied until WE know what we are doing - quite a feat for a technology company! Unsurpassed!! As far as conversions go - SiteLink does it all - easy peasy.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport AutoRec
Kevin Tucker
Tombstone Self Storage

Went from SiteLink's desktop version to web-based with card processing. Web-based is a little different from the desktop version, but it is all good. SiteLink Merchant Services credit card processing is so much faster--yay! Customer Service is, as always, outstanding.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

I have been working with SiteLink Merchant Services team since September 2015 to current and I am extremely impressed with the prompt reply to email and phone calls. If they feel a call can get to a solution faster, they are on it.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport

The SiteLink team was hands on with timing of conversion and executing transfer of merchant services, tenant information, gate codes/interface, and provided an overall world class experience.

SiteLink Merchant Services OneSupport
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