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Product Feature: Enterprise Management

SiteLink customers love our self-storage management software. For eight years straight, we have been voted ISS Best Management Software by our peers and customers. If you want to share a testimony on how you use SiteLink we have a variety of places you can share your review such as Capterra, Google or Facebook.

We recently opened a third location office which is operated remotely. One of our managers who is tech savvy likes the fact that he can operate that location from Bronson Parrish anywhere. If I am out of town on business, it's easy for me to have a manager to take care of payments and other day-to-day operations. Payments are easy to process, and I really like the Google Maps functionality and the ability to print out invoices automatically. Reports are great -- there is just about any kind of report you want. The other accounting programs are intimidating.

Before I selected SiteLink, I did very in-depth research and even did a few trials with other software programs. They were not user-friendly like SiteLink. What sold me on SiteLink is that it's very intuitive. It's easy to teach someone that hasn't previously used management software.

I am not good at making predictions, but what I would like to see in 2015 is the ability to integrate with tablets. I predict SiteLink will come out with an expanded tablet integration that offers more functionality.

SiteLink Web Edition Enterprise Management
SiteLink Web Edition

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