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New Feature Lets UK Operators Collect Faster, Automate Rentals and Payments

Written by Sue Creaser on September 20, 2017 under Online Payments & Merchant Services & Kiosks & United Kingdom

New Feature Lets UK Operators Collect Faster, Automate Rentals and Payments

SiteLink Integrates Credit Card Payments at Stores, Websites and Kiosks in the United Kingdom

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for self-storage operations of all sizes, offers credit card integration to speed up and streamline payments for operators in the United Kingdom. Stores in the UK now enjoy the same benefits of integrated credit card payments that are so successful in the USA, Canada and Australia.


  • SiteLink enables payments, reservations and rentals online and on the INSOMNIAC Kiosk
  • Stores process single or recurring (autobill) credit card payments
  • Tenants can initiate autobill online
  • Operators complete payments, refunds and reconcile transactions on one platform

Credit card integration is essential for online interactions

Customers can pay bills, make reservations and rent online with SiteLink’s integrated credit card processing. The number of people purchasing goods and services online, worldwide, is expected to increase from 1.66 to 2.14 billion in the next five years, with self-storage operators contributing to this growing trend by using online credit card integration for their business.

One-time credit card payments at the store and online are popular with tenants. Recurring payments that automatically charge (autobill) on the rent renewal date are becoming increasingly favorable. Store managers can set up autobill in SiteLink or tenants can start autobill themselves directly on the store’s website. Recurring payments automatically put money in the bank ahead of the rental period and reduce collection efforts, late notice follow-ups and lien proceedings. Automation boosts revenue, reduces costs and saves time. Some owners find tenants stay longer with automatic, recurring credit card billing in place.

The INSOMNIAC Kiosk (part of OpenTech Alliance, Inc.) automates stores by allowing customers to rent, sign a lease, get their lock and receive a gate access code without having to wait on staff availability. Kiosks are fully integrated with SiteLink and deliver convenient, 24/7 self-storage rentals resulting in higher sales and operational efficiency. Operators can now offer “complete at kiosk” services, where customers convert reservations they started on the store’s website into rentals at the kiosk at their convenience.

Built-in, one-platform processing

Credit card payments integrated with SiteLink software simplify payment processing. Employing one platform for all of your credit card interactions streamlines your workflow, makes training easier for new hires, reduces errors, increases the ability to collect fees and improves customer service.

To take payments and reservations from your website immediately, SiteLink’s Web Template offers “Pay Now” and “Reserve” buttons for your existing website. The SiteLink Web Template is free to use for SiteLink Web Edition customers, easy to configure and maintained by SiteLink.

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