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Philanthropy News Releases

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Women of SiteLink Group Kicks Off Annual Donation Drive and Contest

Written by Sue Creaser on October 23, 2018

SiteLink employees are busy filling boxes with wish-list items for Raleigh-based Food Bank and SAFEchild in company-wide donation drive.

SiteLink Partners With Charity Storage

Written by Chuck Vion on July 08, 2014

The storage industry has the space and donors have the items (they receive a tax donation receipt). Charity Storage organizes the effort to convert these items into cash by auctioning the contents of designated Charity Storage Units. Proceeds from the sale of Charity Storage Units are distributed for the benefit of local, national and international charities.

SiteLink And US Storage Centers Raise More than $220,000 to Fight Cancer

Written by Chuck Vion on September 12, 2012

Kure It Cancer Research and SiteLink, the leader in software for self-storage and portable storage, reached another milestone in their drive to support cancer research. A cancer patient himself, Barry Hoeven founded Kure It to provide critical funding in support of innovative research.

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