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SiteLink Users Process Record Online Rentals, Reservations and Payments

Written by Chuck Vion on March 31, 2016

SiteLink, the global leader in web based software for managing self-storage operations of all sizes, reports a record number of its clients processing rentals and reservations on websites and from call centers.

Unmanned Self-Storage Facilities Increase Profit Potential

Written by Chuck Vion on November 05, 2015

There is a new trend in the self-storage industry involving unmanned facilities. These facilities rely on smart management software that integrates with technology partners allowing owners the flexibility to run their facility from wherever and whenever t

How to Convert an Online Reservation to a Rental

Written by James Renouf on January 19, 2015

The online reservation dynamic in the self-storage industry has evolved over the last several years. It has moved from many self-storage operators considering online reservations as a nice "bells and whistles" feature to now absolutely essential to capture leads.

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