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Self-Storage Online Auctions Back to Basics

Presented on July 18, 2018 by Tony Johnson from

Self-Storage Online Auctions Back to Basics

Join us to discuss how an online auction company provides the ease of debt recovery with user friendly convenience through integrated management software. We will discuss the techniques and trades used within the storage industry to guarantee your auction success. Learn about solutions to transition from live auctions to those held online.

How are online auctions beneficial?

Convenience with quick results – Modern technology allows us to successfully post and sell a unit without the hassle associated with auction day.

How does the software integration work?

Management software integration, like that from the SiteLink API to an online auction service, reduces the workload for you and your management team.

How do you market the auctions?

When auctions are posted online it opens your auction to bidders in neighboring cities and states. Use email, social media and other marketing techniques.

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