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How will the Internet of Everything (IoE) impact the Self-Storage industry

Presented on May 23, 2018 by Jon Loftin from OpenTech Alliance

How will the Internet of Everything (IoE) impact the Self-Storage industry

Internet of Everything (IoE) platforms are re-inventing the self-storage industry to offer smart connected self-storage solutions.

According to a recent study by Cisco Systems, the Internet of Everything (IoE) has the potential to generate $14.4 TRILLION in value for the private sector in the next decade. Self-storage owners and operators need to begin investigating the potential benefits of IoE now. An IoE solution has the potential to drive operational, data analysis and customer experience benefits that can result in cost savings and higher value for self-storage properties. This presentation will highlight some of these new developments and technology advancements as they relate to the self-storage business.

What is the Internet of Everything IoE?

Review of available devices and solutions outside of the self-storage industry.

Self-Storage facility of the future

Learn how smart devices and smart connected self-storage solutions can benefit the industry.

An IoE connected solution provides benefits

Understand how IoE can increase employee productivity, reduce cost and enhance customer experience.

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