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The Time Is Now To Engage Your Self-Storage Customers With SMS (text messages)

Written by Chuck Vion on February 15, 2016 under Text Messaging & Tenant Notifications & Mobile Devices & Industry Webinar

The Time Is Now To Engage Your Self-Storage Customers With SMS (text messages)

Article Contributions by: Spencer Freeman - President & Co-founder at SelfStorageSMS™

Mobile Device Usage Is Widespread Among All Walks Of Life

Some 5.1 billion out of the 6.8 billion people on Earth own a mobile phone - that's a huge market. In fact, technology is more important to some people than their dental hygiene, as only 4.2 billion people own a toothbrush. As a business owner, it also means you shouldn't just be targeting smartphones. Remember that some of your audience will only have a basic mobile phone, but they will still be able to receive text messages.

The photos in this link, from NBC News, demonstrate cell phone use at the Vatican. This is only an 8-year difference in time but you can easily see the acceptance and availability of mobile technology. The time has come to connect with your customers through their mobile device.

"But that's not representative of the United States!" Wrong!

As of 2013 (which means the percentage is higher now), 87% of American adults owned a cell phone! By the end of 2013 a whopping 41% of American homes are now wireless-only It's not just Millennials anymore--a growing number of older American adults are getting rid of their landlines and going cellphone-only.A study from Britain's University of Salford has revealed that 90% of mobile phone users ignore their incoming phone calls:

The top 10 reasons for not answering a cell phone:

  1. Did not hear the ring
  2. Driving
  3. Feeding a pet
  4. Unable to speak
  5. Busy in the bathroom
  6. Can't find the cell phone
  7. In a meeting
  8. Didn't recognize the number
  9. Not in the mood to answer
  10. Others might overhear

Email is not much better than calling.

That's' right, most emails have an overall open rate of about 20% and a click through rate of 3%. A freind recently picked up his mother's smart phone and noticed she had over 12,000 unopened emails. That's right 12,000! I could hardly believe it. Emails have become annoying and bothersome to people.

The most efficient and effective form of communication today is SMS or (text message).

Text messages are effective because people read them. And they read them promptly. 95 - 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt. Different than email, you don't need a smartphone or laptop to receive the message.

Article Contributions by: Spencer Freeman - President & Co-founder at SelfStorageSMS™

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