Using Technology & Automation as Self-Storage Differentiators

Written by Chuck Vion on September 28, 2017 under Automation & Industry Webinar

Using Technology & Automation as Self-Storage Differentiators

Article Contributions by: Peter Spickenagel - Director of Business Development at CallPotential

Storage is “so hot right now”. So hot, indeed, that we are currently facing a potential market oversupply of providers. This is great news for the storage customer as they have plenty of options and can often “shop for storage” when the need arises. Other than price, location, and visibility, what determines which facility they ultimately lease a unit? A recent industry study performed by SpareFoot, asked a sample of renters what motivated them to choose one facility over the other. Only 35% of consumers surveyed responded that price was the deciding factor, while in comparison, 65% chose a unit based on amenities and features. In addition to the normal coffee, locks, and free rental trucks, some operators are stepping up their game by using technology to augment their customer’s experience.

Tenant convenience is a great differentiator when you are battling for business. Consider all your customer touch points and how you can make it extremely easy for them to lease their unit. Many prospective tenants are looking for storage during a potentially stressful time. Every piece of the puzzle that can make the decision easier for them is a vote in your favor.

During their research process, how are you getting them the information they need? Are you communicating in the channel that they prefer whether that’s text, email, or live calls? How are you following up with them and making it easy for them to rent with you? How about self service options? Do you have a SmartKIOSK or online rentals available? Do you print a “book” for them to sign their lease or can they use a service like SiteLink eSign™ to speed up the process?

Another touch point to consider enhancing are your monthly payment options. Automated bill pay reminders and autopay enrollment are excellent programs to enhance tenant convenience. Self service payment options such as kiosks and online bill pay are also options to reduce the burden on tenants.

This is just the tip of the “technology iceberg” in terms of tools you can use to operate at a higher efficiency and set yourself apart–ultimately helping a tenant choose your store over the competition.

Article Contributions by: Peter Spickenagel - Director of Business Development at CallPotential

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