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SMS Resources

SMS Resources

SMS Resources text messaging provides a value added component to your use of the SiteLink Web Edition. Texting allows you to reach your tenants immediately.

Tenants almost always have their phone within reach and will read a text message in a heartbeat, even if they don't answer your call, listen to your voice mail, read your email, or open up that window envelope.

How SMS Resources Works With SiteLink

SMS Resources' software is fully integrated with SiteLink Web Edition. When activated with an Account Key and a Long Code, another column opens-up alongside Letters and Emails for use in carrying-out the communications tasks you've selected or created. The operation is much the same as the other two; therefore the learning curve is extremely small.

You have the ability to create templates that get delivered specific to a recipients particular situation. A vast majority of the customers that SiteLink and SMS Resources share utilize text messaging to manage delinquent tenants.

Take Direct Action

Your phone number and web address are hot linked, so you can look for immediate action. Information is being entered in your Tenant Notes. Your monthly revenue is going up. Your monthly percentage of delinquency is going down. And, you are able to reassign staff hours to action and activity other than Collections.


Want to learn more about how SMS will benefit you?

Watch this in-depth, recorded webinar about the Text Messaging - Fast, Easy, Effective and Inexpensive. Learn how fast and easy to integrate, how effective they are, and how inexpensive SMS are for your business


Contact SMS Resources

Visit The SMS Resources Website

Contact SMS Resources

Reach out to SMS Resources and express your interest in their integration with SiteLink.

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Contact SMS Resources

Reach out to SMS Resources and express your interest in their integration with SiteLink.

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