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Text Messaging - Fast, Easy, Effective and Inexpensive

Presented on June 21, 2017 by Gene Klemens from SMS Resources

Text Messaging - Fast, Easy, Effective and Inexpensive

Text (SMS) messages are already entrenched in most of our lives. It is time to leverage their immediacy and effectiveness in your self-storage operation.

Customer communication in the world of self-storage is at a great crossroad. "Older" owners/managers and tenants like things as they were. "Younger" executives and tenants thirst for new ways to get the word out and receive it... via smart devices; new media; and shorter, more direct elements. Text messaging is the medium that can satisfy everyone's needs and comfort levels due to what it currently offers and what is coming down the pike - all at the fraction of the cost of postage, labor hours expended in prep, production or phone time.

Learn about the benefits of using text messaging to communicate with your self-storage tenants. Texting's motivational nature not only increases the collection of past due payments, it is also an excellent tool for quick communication. Insights into the future of text messaging will also be discussed.

Webinar Topics Include

  • Fast & Easy
    Text messaging is Plug & Play! All code writing, integration and testing is already done.
  • Effective & Motivational
    98% of text messages are read; 80% of emails are never even opened. What more needs to be said?
  • Inexpensive
    A text costs just pennies; eliminate labor-hours with no list generation, phone time nor paper handling.

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