XPS Solutions

XPS Solutions

XPS Solutions brings you property centralized sales and support by integrating directly with your site management software. They provide call services and web tools, including live chat and lead capture.

Partner with their team to positively drive revenue and lower your operating costs.

How XPS Solutions Works With SiteLink

XPS Solutions actively integrates with SiteLink for inventory, availability, attributes, and promotions to quickly and accurately reserve units for your new tenants. Our comprehensive integration facilitates live or automated payments, and allows for viewing account history, notes, and previous payment data. Additionally, the ability to apply a Convenience Fee to payments if desired gives you the opportunity to positively impact your bottom line.


Want to learn more about the benefits of offering live chat and around the clock pay by phone?

Watch this in-depth, recorded webinar about the Benefits of Offering Live Chat and Around The Clock Pay By Phone. Learn how to reduce bounce rates and giving tenants multiple ways to pay


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