Storage Income Pros

Storage Income Pros

Maximize income from any facility that uses SiteLink software. District Manager is a powerful analytical reporting with tools to uncover not only missed income but potential audit threats.

Storage Income Pros is the new company for the District Manager analytics products. Use District Manager to increase site income. Heat maps show inactive units, lost income, discount and concessions and the effect on your overall income. 

How Storage Income Pros Works With SiteLink

District Manager runs transparently alongside SiteLink securely acquiring data for processing by the software, with reporting and alerting.
District Manager is installed on any secure computer that you'd like to gain access to the information associated with your entire operation, e.g., reports, analytics, business intelligence, visualizations, etc., all in one place, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
District Manager's analytics include concession plan analysis, identifying internal cash theft, cost per move-in, lease statistics, unit group statistics, tenants that have been below standard rate for an extended period of time, average stay for units or unit groups or even by payment type, etc – and much more.
Information for any grouping of facilities can be viewed all at once, compiled and presented in a single report or plotted as a single aggregate on one of District Manager's 250+ charts. If you're a large operator, you can access and view the information for 50, 100, 200+ facilities or more with no performance loss.
Drill all the way down into individual tenant ledgers instantly and view any notes associated with the individual transactions when completing an audit.
District Manager constantly monitors your facilities and sends email alerts the moment it detects critical activity.
District Manager displays where opportunity exists to make adjustment to increased income.
Multi facilities can be added to the system during the trial period and this is highly recommended so you can run a full evaluation We provide free training webinars for you and your entire staff during your trial period to teach you how to utilize the software to its full potential.
District Manager was created with the sole purpose of removing the very time-consuming burden of having to manually analyse large amounts of data in effort to maximize an operation's income.


Want to learn more about increasing your revenue?

Watch this in-depth, recorded webinar about the What Can Your Self-Storage Customer Afford?. Learn about what information is needed before optimizing price, Discount and Concessions, and how much can you raise my rates.


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