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What Can Your Self-Storage Customer Afford?

Presented on January 17, 2018 by Paul Darden from Storage Income Pros

What Can Your Self-Storage Customer Afford?

What could you do if you knew in advance of quoting a price what the customer/tenant could afford to pay in self-storage rent?

When markets get super competitive, by knowing what the customer/tenant can afford, win the battle on maximizing your income instead of the race to the bottom for the lowest rental rate. Even in lease-up periods and flat leasing periods, you can increase rental rates on existing tenants. This webinar will show you how.

What Questions Do I Ask?

What information is needed before optimizing price?

Discount and Concessions

Which do I use, when do I use each and How Much?

How Much Can I Raise?

More, If you know what the tenant can afford

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