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Increase Self-Storage Rental Conversions Using Google Remarketing

Written by Chuck Vion on May 09, 2017 under Marketing & Google Adwords

Increase Self-Storage Rental Conversions Using Google Remarketing

Article Contributions by: Aaron Flynn - Director Sales & Marketing at AKIBA

Marketing self-storage facilities have one primary goal, to increase self-storage rental conversion – moving tenants into empty units. Google’s Remarketing platform is an effective way to bring leads who have left your website back for another chance at closing the deal.

There are a number of ways to spend advertising dollars, you can send direct mail, circulate local flyers, advertise in local print publications and advertise online to name a few. I favor online advertising because it is very measurable, adjustable and customizable. Targeting the right people, with the right message, the right amount times is the key.

Establish an Effective Frequency

Most marketing agencies would agree that advertising frequency is the key to a successful online marketing campaign. Marketers strive to establish an effective frequency, which is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before the exposure is considered wasteful.

With the help of Google AdWords and Google Remarketing, online advertisers can close this gap on the effective frequency by leveraging storage unit discount ads across Google’s display network (on search result pages for AdWords and on 3rd party websites, like The Weather Channel or CNN for Remarketing.) AdWords helps drive new business to your website. Remarketing works to close the sale after an initial visit. Both strategies, when utilized properly, can increase online sales performance.

Remarketing for Improved Conversion and ROI

Remarketing is an advertising strategy that filters the online advertising audience by placing a cookie on the computer of the individual based upon what they did or didn’t do on your website. If someone viewed a particular web page, like a storage calculator but didn’t visit your reservation page, a corresponding ad will show up for that person on other websites they visit who are in the Google Remarketing network. This tactic puts those valuable advertising dollars to use on more qualified online leads, increasing your advertising Return On Investment (ROI). Someone who has visited your facility’s website and has clicked through to view unit pricing is likely interested in purchasing that item. Maybe they got distracted or are spending some time doing more research and didn’t reserve a unit. Some stores are seeing a 30% increase in rental conversion from remarketing ads bring them back to the website to rent fro promise of a discount.

Think of a client that visits a storage facility to gather pricing information only to leave the facility without making a reservation or sale. The staff then follow up with that potential client a few days later offering some kind of discount, maybe 50% off for the first month, to persuade the client to move in. Remarketing offers this same solution for clients on the website but is fully automated - as long as your self-storage management software supports integration. SiteLink’s API allows for this kind of integration.

An added bonus of Google Remarketing is the increase in brand awareness for your facility!

Article Contributions by: Aaron Flynn - Director Sales & Marketing at AKIBA

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