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How to Recruit and Retain a Quality Self-Storage Manager

Written by Sue Creaser on October 02, 2018 under Industry Webinars & Management Advice

How to Recruit and Retain a Quality Self-Storage Manager

It’s a never-ending cycle: recruitment, interviews, hiring, training, managing and ultimately replacing. Rinse and repeat. The problem is not only how and where to find quality managers for self-storage facilities, but also how to develop and retain them. With such an investment into our greatest resource (the manager), it has never been more important than it is today to resolve this issue.

So how do you break the never-ending cycle and make your efforts count? It starts with recruitment. Employment ads should be clearly targeted with an emphasis on reaching quality over quantity. Many operators spend money on modernizing their offices and amenities, but then skimp on recruitment ads or focus solely on free services to control costs. But does spending more money on ads or recruitment services automatically mean better applicants? It’s a good start, but that’s not all of it.

Quality applicants want to work for quality organizations that have a lot to offer in terms of compensation, benefits and advancement opportunities. Are these being properly conveyed to applicants before speaking to them?

Think about it this way: When customers seek storage units online, they have many options to choose from. Operators make sure their websites and ads build value properly and create a sense of urgency to get the sale. Owners should use this same approach when seeking a new team member. If you believe an applicant should just feel lucky to have the job or will take whatever you offer them, then you aren’t going after quality.

Just as important as finding the right manager is retaining and developing your manager. If you’ve gone through many hurdles to find one, focus on retention and delivering on the opportunities that were promised. Don’t let contentment set in. Managers perform better when pushed or challenged, and the company’s bottom line is ultimately better for it as well.

Technology has come a long way in our industry. Gates and doors are getting smarter, revenue management is getting smarter and now even nearly automatic. Isn’t it time manager recruitment, training and development got smarter too?

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