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Capture Caller Data and Never Miss a Self Storage Lead

Written by Chuck Vion on November 15, 2017 under Industry Webinar & Call Tracking & Management Software

Capture Caller Data and Never Miss a Self Storage Lead

In a perfect world every inquiry made to your facility over the phone would be answered by a real live person with plenty of time to chat at length about the self-storage needs of the caller. In reality however, calls may come too quickly at busy times for a person–or even an entire staff–to answer properly. Hurried and/or missed calls turn into a debilitating lack of critical information needed to evaluate a lead and make a sale. The result? Missed opportunities and loss of potential income. What if there was a way to immediately capture the essential facts on a potential customer quickly and in a timely manner without adding staff or overtime?

Enter TeleTracker and real-time analytics from IVR Technology Group. TeleTracker tracks inbound calls and automatically populates a caller’s information into the point of sale screen (SiteLink.) Read more about how using this data is “key for businesses who want to tap into where and how their leads are being generated” in the IVR blog How To Use Real-Time Analytics To Track Down Your Leads.

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Watch the on-demand webinar Boost Return on Investment and Capture Caller Data from your Point of Sale now. Learn how to track inbound calls at the POS level using TeleTracker while automatically populating a caller’s information into the POS screen.

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