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TOTAL Accounting

SiteLink sets the industry standard for financial reporting, accounting software integrations, financial controls and auditing, and compliance certification. SiteLink TOTAL Accounting's management reports help you predict business trends, uncover hidden profit potential and reach peak performance—ultimately offering the high-level financial perspective that owners find indispensible.

You can't run a professional self-storage business without a best-of-breed management software solution. SiteLink TOTAL Accounting offers owners a high level financial perspective. We see owners gain operational efficiency from its drill-down, succinct analysis and in-depth, real-time reporting.

Neal Gussis, Principal at CCM Commercial Mortgage

How TOTAL Accounting Works

SiteLink financial controls directly affect daily operations. You can limit discounts, flag reversals and other unusual activities, and uncover profit potential like simple rent and fee changes. SiteLink TOTAL Accounting is unique and allows you to analyze key indicators such as discounts and liabilities by category including manager, unit type and time period.

Financial Controls and Auditing

Auditing will boost the health and growth of your self-storage business. SiteLink’s reports and tools decrease theft, discounting, poor collection procedures and improperly executed leases. You can use these tools to review leases, perform walk-through lock audits and ensure the store follows lien and auction procedures. Settings allow you to limit functions and adjust program defaults to decrease theft and loss of income. Use multi-site reports, report scheduler and key reports to investigate the health of the business. Plus, using SiteLink eSign™, SiteLink myHub and other time-saving tools makes audits even easier.

Accounting Software Integrations

SiteLink offers choice because storage operators use a variety of different accounting programs. Track financials with confidence using cash or accrual basis methods. Manage ancillary items like merchandise, COGS, tenant insurance and other recurring charges. Reconcile deposits through Bank Management accounts. Then, set your preferences for sharing SiteLink data with the accounting software you want. Connect with common accounting programs like QuickBooks, Great Plains, PeachTree, MRI, MAS 90, Yardi and others.

Financial Reporting

Lenders routinely ask for SiteLink reports by name. SiteLink TOTAL Accounting not only pairs up with your accounting system, but also delivers reports for single and multi-storage operators alike, including consolidated, trending and historical documents. SiteLink offers choice, and this empowers operators to pair SiteLink management software with the accounting software they like best.

PCI Compliance

Backed by PCI DSS Level 1 and SOC-1 Type II Certifications, SiteLink TOTAL Accounting employs the highest level of data security. Join the many private and public companies who integrate their accounting systems with SiteLink for detailed, accurate reporting, reliable audits, posting and reconciling.

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