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SiteLink Price Optimizer

Optimize unit and tenant rates to boost profits like the REITs. Using revenue management tools that work for your business and in your market, create business rules for changing rates so current and new tenants always pay the right amount.

Whether you own one facility or more than 100, SiteLink Price Optimizer provides the industry’s best toolbox for managing price lists and tenant rates. Setting new standards for flexibility and ease, with SiteLink Price Optimizer you can set up business rules within SiteLink and let it do the work, or set rates outside of SiteLink using Excel spreadsheets and the Export/Import feature. SiteLink puts you in charge of the rules, targets and provides final review of any change.

SiteLink then adjusts pricing in real-time on all platforms, including your website, call centers, kiosks and Internet Listing Services by way of the SiteLink API.

SiteLink's revenue management is one of the most important features for us. A lot of Operators in the industry are starting to implement tenant rate increases and change street rate prices on a more frequent basis. This is a good thing for our industry. We use many of SiteLink's tools, especially the reporting tools, to make assumptions and decisions about our tenant rate increases and street rate prices. Many in the industry believe occupancy as the only revenue driver, but higher revenue isn't always tied to occupancy. Our top line has gone up significantly while in some cases occupancy has decreased."

The self-storage industry has always been behind the rest of the business world in regards to technology. But, it's nice to see that we are slowly starting to make great strides. SiteLink is always innovating to keep up with the times. SiteLink eSign™ is one example. It's nice to have everything in one solution, and I am sure SiteLink will continue to expand their services in 2015 and beyond to be the one source for an owner or operator to successfully run their business.

Peter Spickenagel, Vice President of Operations at Storage Pros Management, LLC

How SiteLink Price Optimizer Works

Ready to go, out-of-the-box, SiteLink Web Edition gives you the tools to manage unit and tenant rates that work the way you want.

Unit Rates

SiteLink Price Optimizer provides more than just updating your price list. You can set parameters to “push” unit rates based on occupancy percentages. Push rates are calculated daily, similar to the airline industry’s demand-based pricing. Push rates can be used as a move-in default, or your manager can have the option to override the push rate with the standard street rate.

Tenant Rates

Got a “special sauce” for setting your tenants’ rates? Use the SiteLink Price Optimizer feature of exporting/importing from Excel and use formulas you define. You are in control with tools that are intuitive, quick and simple.

Want to set rate increase targets and let SiteLink do the work? Setup your business rules and thresholds in SiteLink Price Optimizer, like minimum percent occupancy by unit type, days since move-in and rate last changed. You can even set target rates based on postal codes. SiteLink Price Optimizer will alert you when to approve or adjust an increase and when to send rate increase notices. You have the final say on your tenants’ rates; revenue management helps you capture growth opportunities.


Don’t discount units in short supply. With SiteLink Price Optimizer you can tailor and limit discounts based on occupancy of unit types and sizes. Craft specials and let the SiteLink API update your website, call center, kiosk and store. With SiteLink, you offer specials when and where you want.

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