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Time kills all deals. With SiteLink LeadAlert™, your store receives an automated phone call reminder to follow-up on internet leads as soon as they happen. This game changing feature is free to all SiteLink Web Edition users.

The free LeadAlert is built into SiteLink Web Edition and requires no special hardware, software or purchase of additional phone services. Your store receives an automated phone call reminder to follow-up on inquiries or reservations from your website or call center as soon as they happen, enhancing SiteLink's direct integrations. With more than 6,500 stores who integrate SiteLink with their website, SiteLink is the leader in online reservations, rentals and payments.

Real-Time Alerts

The automatic, real-time LeadAlert calls to the store let managers react more quickly than visual prompts and follow-up faster, converting more leads to rentals. According to a SpareFoot study, SiteLink users have a 10% or higher conversion rate of leads to rentals. LeadAlert should boost SiteLink's advantage of converting more leads to rentals even further.

Don't let another company get the jump on signing leases with shopping customers.

Turn LeadAlert on in a matter of seconds, visit the LeadAlert FAQ page to learn how.

How LeadAlert™ Works

After turning on LeadAlert - as soon as your website or call center process an inquiry or reservation, a free robo call reminder is sent to a phone number of your choice. The automated message announces the name of the lead and prompts the listener to attend to the lead in the SiteLink Web Edition software.

Currently only available in the USA

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