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SiteLink eSign Setup and Functionality

Hosted by James Renouf - SiteLink Customer Support / Corporate Trainer on November 13, 2014

SiteLink eSign Setup and Functionality

SiteLink eSign™ provides lease auditing and a legally binding electronic signature for SiteLink Web Edition software, websites, and call centers -- at no cost to you. SiteLink eSign is a hassle-FREE way to expedite signature agreements anytime from anywhere and track your progress in real-time.

Increase Your Tenant Agreement Conversions SiteLink eSign is a hassle-FREE way to expedite signature agreements anytime from anywhere and track your progress in real-time! You will not pay a fee to use SiteLink eSign that: Lets tenants sign and complete leases when renting units on your website Captures electronic signatures from tenants at your store or via email Audits leases instantly -- eliminate paper and reduce printing costs Stores leases within SiteLink for up to 7 years after a tenant vacates When your prospect sees that your store provides the ability to sign an online lease on the spot -- chances are your rentals will increase. In fact, studies show that providing online leases with electronic signature may increase your store rentals by up to 40%. This webinar walks you through SiteLink eSign Setup and Functionality, so that you can begin to boost your business immediately by capturing more online rentals.

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