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SiteLink 2015 Year In Review

Hosted by James Renouf - SiteLink Customer Support / Corporate Trainer on January 20, 2016

SiteLink 2015 Year In Review

Always innovating with a customer focus, SiteLink added personnel, office space, new technology partners and a number of product enhancements to increase the value provided to its customers.

2015 Was A Big Year

In 2015 we added to our staff, our office space, made numerous software enhancements and added over 100 pages to the website for increased customer satisfaction.

Where We Are Going

In 2016 SiteLink is rapidly building out the capabilities of browser-based for more anytime/anywhere facility management. We will also continue to build out our website capabilities, including more support training videos and FAQs, as well as providing access to website-wide search functionality..

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Creating, Editing and Using the Site Map, Map Tenants and Competitor Screens

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The New SiteLink Experience - myHub

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