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Personal Mini Storage

Personal Mini Storage

Headquarters: 6327 Edgewater Drive Orlando, Florida 32810
Service Area: Florida
Self-storage is now a highly competitive and sophisticated business. By partnering with Personal Mini Storage, you gain access to a variety of resources and industry experience. Resources such as an in-house marketing team, sophisticated revenue management systems, and industry-leading training and coaching by self storage experts are included.

Because of their size and footprint in the industry, owners and operators are able to enjoy back-house savings, economies of scale and advertising & marketing efficiencies.

Performance Expectations

Personal Mini Storage has evolved from a property management operation to a sales and marketing company. They expect each property to achieve monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. With 36 storage properties solely in Mid-Florida, they're able to consistently strengthen their position in their markets. As a result, they benefit by having greater pricing power, geographic rental advantages, and lower marketing expenses.

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