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Add value and peace of mind by offering tenants enrollment in a pay-with-rent, integrated insurance program. Get coverage at move-in, or anytime thereafter. SiteLink automatically adds insurance charges, pro-rates based on insurance rules and tracks insurance revenue - prepaid liabilities - on both cash and accrual basis. The SiteLink API shares collections and insurance penetration to eliminate faxing, mailing or emailing reports from stores to your insurance provider. Peace of mind has never been easier or more profitable.

Bader Insurance Company

For over 35 years, Bader Insurance has been a nationally recognized leader in "point-of-lease/point-of-sale" insurance. Bader makes insurance easy-for owner-operators and tenants alike.

Learn More About Bader Insurance Company

StorSmart Insurance Company

StorSmart was formed by insurance and storage professionals with years of experience in the self-storage and insurance industries.

Learn More About StorSmart Insurance Company

SBOA Tenant Insurance

SBOA Tenant Insurance products continue to raise the bar with superior customer service, training, regulatory compliance, claims handling, and marketing support. Since our foundation in 2011, we have been rated the Best Tenant Insurance by readers of Inside Self Storage for the past four years. Find out why top operators put their trust in SBOA Tenant Insurance products.

Learn More About SBOA Tenant Insurance

MiniCo Tenant Insurance

MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC, was founded in 1974 as a provider of specialty insurance products and publications for the self-storage industry.

Learn More About MiniCo Tenant Insurance

Customer Goods Protection Program

The Customer Goods Protection Program is a proven Risk Management and Profit Center.

Learn More About Customer Goods Protection Program

SAGE Storage Insurance Services

SAGE Storage Insurance Services is a leading provider of insurance solutions for the self-storage industry.

Learn More About SAGE Storage Insurance Services


Ponderosa Insurance Agency has provided Safestor tenant insurance to the self-storage industry since 1973. To fulfill the needs of self-storage owners, Ponderosa also offers an exclusive property insurance product saving owners thousands of dollars on average.

Learn More About Safestor

Cowan Insurance Group

A preeminent Canadian owned and operated insurance brokerage and consulting operation, Cowan Insurance Group represents leading national and international insurance companies.

Learn More About Cowan Insurance Group

Deans & Homer

Deans & Homer writes Tenant Protection Plans and Property and Casualty insurance policies for self-storage owners nationwide.

Learn More About Deans & Homer

Xercor Insurance Services, LLC

Xercor Insurance Services, LLC was created with input from seasoned self-storage operators and experienced insurance professionals to serve the unique needs of self-storage customers.

Learn More About Xercor Insurance Services, LLC

Tenant Property Protection

Tenant Property Protection works. But don’t think we’re satisfied. We’re always looking for ways to improve our plan and we’re always looking for ideas that improve how we sell and service our plan. With Tenant Property Protection we make it easy to add real value to your business. It’s simple. Profitable. And ready to cover almost any loss your tenant might experience.

Learn More About Tenant Property Protection


A Premier Tenant (Contents) Coverage Program for the Self-Storage Industry that provides a broad level of protection in the event of a covered loss.

Learn More About AssuredContents

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