CRM 2.0 Module

New CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features include:

A new Inquiries and Reservation screen in the Client:

  1. Four easy steps (Customer, Unit & Discount, Schedule and Letters) organize information and help to navigate the reservation process.
  2. We added search fields for inquiries and leads.
  3. Managers can apply concession plans and enter credit card information during the reservation process.
  4. Users record notes complete with time/date stamps during the reservation process. Notes stay with tenants during move-ins.
  5. We added the “Move-In” button to the reservations screen.

New functions on the Reminders, Setup and Navigator menus:

  1. We added CRM settings to the Setup Checklist. Users add and modify trigger events for the CRM campaign schedule including email drip campaigns.
  2. CRM campaigns and tasks appear on the Reminders menu and on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) button.
  3. View scheduled CRM events via the CRM button on the Navigator or main SiteLink menu.
  4. Import lists of leads into SiteLink Web Edition.
  5. We added a new word processor, the HTML form editor, to create more attractive forms available for(e)mailing wait-listed, current and past tenants.
  6. Use new tools to convert your existing RTF forms to HTML documents.

A new Customer Operations section in the Corporate Control Center:

  1. The inquiries and Reservations menu in the Corporate Control Center now offers the same features listed above for the new Inquiries and Reservations menu in the SiteLink Client.
  2. Select a store by searching through all facilities listed in the Corporate Control Center by division, location and postal code.
  3. Find existing prospects from any location with added search fields.
  4. Enter reservations or move-ins for any store.
  5. Convert reservations to move-ins for any store.
  6. Schedule and manage follow-up calls and appointments for any location.
  7. Schedule follow-up tasks and post bulletins for stores after entering reservations or move-ins.

Watch SiteLink’s new CRM 2.0 module training videos.

Some new common terms associated with the SiteLink CRM 2.0 module are explained below:

  • CRM: A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module helps users to track interactions with current and future customers. SiteLink’s CRM organizes client information, automates marketing and streamlines the sales process where managers convert leads to rentals.
  • Trigger Event: This is a user-defined event (i.e. tenant birthday, tenant anniversary, or tenant pre-paid period ending) that automatically distributes a tailored message to a future or current tenant based on a predetermined date.
  • CRM Campaign Schedule: In SiteLink, the CRM Campaign Schedule determines how, when and to whom email or print notifications will be sent to based on pre-defined trigger events. Users fine-tune trigger events based on a recurring or nonrecurring schedule, lease type, tenant type and more.
  • Inquiry: Prospective tenant information that is entered into the SiteLink Web Edition “Inquiries and Reservations” screen that has not yet been followed up on or qualified.
  • Lead: After an inquiry has been qualified and re-contacted regarding a reservation and/or move-in, they are considered a lead.
  • HTML (Editor)*: HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is a standardized coding system to create font, graphic, color and hyper link effects on the worldwide web (WWW.) pages. SiteLink added an HTML editor to the new CRM module allowing users to create and send more attractive email correspondence with existing and prospective tenants.

Please note, SiteLink does not support the editing of raw HTML code.

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