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Credit Card Processing, ACH/EFT Bank Draft & Online Payments

SiteLink Merchant Services integrates seamlessly with SiteLink. Our single-source credit card and ACH payment processing is a natural fit. Our OneSupport team services all of our products.

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How Does SiteLink Merchant Services Differ From Other Providers?

SiteLink Merchant Services integrates seamlessly with SiteLink Web Edition. The tight fit lets us continually add unique payment features that lower rates, improve audits and cut time to reconcile statements. Users love SiteLink’s automated tools to verify credit card transactions and flag problems. All is backed by the industry’s most popular 7-day/week customer service.

Lower Fees
  • Tap into SiteLink’s pricing power and client base of more than 14,000 customers.
  • Find out from the industry’s foremost payment professionals how to qualify for the best interchange rates and reduce overall costs.
  • Avoid unnecessary Gateway fees.
Save Time & Money
  • Get one deposit and one monthly billing statement for all card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • Keep your current banking relationship. Let us fund to the bank of your choice.
  • Become PCI compliant, have peace of mind, avoid fines and lower fees.

SiteLink Merchant Services Features
SiteLink Merchant Services offers the
tools you need to collect and manage payments.


Automatically process credit cards and ACH/EFT bank drafts for tenants each month at the click of a button. Processing recurring payments has never been easier. With SiteLink, your tenants can sign up for auto-bill on your website.


Reconciling and auditing credit card statements can be tedious, expensive and time consuming. SiteLink Merchant Services includes a powerful daily close report that reconciles SiteLink Web Edition transactions with the SiteLink Merchant Services virtual terminal.

PCI Rapid Comply

We work with you to become PCI compliant. Save money by eliminating PCI Non-Compliance fines when you sign up with SiteLink Merchant Services.


Verify credit card billing addresses using real-time AVS. Before you process a tenant's credit card, find out if the billing address is correct. Use SiteLink to find tenants with invalid or missing billing addresses to lower processing rates.

EMV Integration

SiteLink Merchant Services offers a secure EMV solution that posts transactions directly to SiteLink software.


We offer customer support for software, credit card processing and ACH/EFT bank drafts because they go together. SiteLink is the only company to service both management software and payment processing.

Trusted by Thousands

After switching to SiteLink Merchant Services, our payment processing is running flawlessly. If I ever need assistance the SiteLink team is quick to respond with excellent service. I'm extremely happy!
Trevor Hurdy, Owner at BRITEBOX Storage Co.
SiteLink has been a blessing from day one, everyone from software sales to merchant services has been incredible. The tech staff spent a couple hours just helping me get the demo installed on my computer before I had spent one dime with them, really shows a level of commitment when I had not even paid for anything yet. We are one month in with our new facility and SiteLink has been an ease and techs are just one phone call again. I would highly recommend to any other operators of any size.
Andrew Vayhinger, Owner at Corner Storage
We switched to SiteLink Merchant Services and cut the time we spent reconciling immediately. OneSupport made the change seamless for us. The ease of use for managers and back office is noticeably superior.
Greg Ellsworth, President at Self-Storage Consulting Group, LLC

Securely Process Payments, Reduce Costs And Boost Productivity

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