SiteLink StandAlone PC Edition

PC-Based Self-Storage Management Software

Looking for an "up to date" reliable, feature-rich windows management software? Look no further. SiteLink StandAlone Edition has everything you need to operate a self-storage facility without an internet connection. Windows 7,8,10 compatible, TLS 1.2 & PCI compliant.

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SiteLink StandAlone Edition

SiteLink StandAlone Edition Overview

SiteLink StandAlone Edition remains the workhorse management software at thousands of stores. Yearly updates keep this industry standard software current with technology, security, and features. Don't feel pressured into using subscription based software, SiteLink remains committed to our Windows StandAlone customers. ** Full featured Package available today.

Continuity, Service and Updates

SiteLink continues to update and develop StandAlone to ensure it meets the industry's security and privacy standards.

Reliable & Trusted

Considered by many the most user friendly and intuitive program for self-storage management software.

Auto Billing

Collect and record your monthly rents in moments instead of weeks with our secure credit card billing module.

Operations Without Internet

No internet at your facility? No problem, SiteLink StandAlone is designed with you in mind.

Top SiteLink StandAlone Edition Features

Learn why SiteLink StandAlone Edition is the most
complete PC-based management software.

Automatic Credit Card Billing Module

Join thousands of users who batch process their monthly recurring credit card charges with a single click of a button. Our PCI certified solution eliminates double entry of payments and gives owners the ability to "set it and forget it."

Gate System Integration

SiteLink's commitment to technology partners extends to all of the industry's leading access control systems. Call us for help with your access system and satellite or remote operations.

Manager/Owner Reports

Keep track of your tenants, units, financials, marketing, and more with a full featured reporting module. Tailor our reports to your needs with SiteLink export functions.

Interactive Property Map

The birds-eye-view of your store is a great visual tool for daily operations including move-in, payments, transfers and searches. Mouse-over functions add to the speed and ease-of-use. Print and display your map on additional monitors to enhance the rental experience.

Daily Reminders "To-do" List

Never worry about missing another tenant event with our exclusive "Reminders" feature. Late notices, over-locks, credit card expiration, merchandise inventory reorders, reservations and much more.

Business Management

Manage all your units from a single interface. SiteLink allows you to move-in, move-out, transfer and take payments easily.

Built In Document Editor

Use SiteLink document editor to build your leases, late notices, invoices, receipts etc, to print or email directly from SiteLink.

Accounting Interface

Allows you to export your SiteLink accounts receivable directly to your favorite accounting software like Quickbooks, PeachTree and others.

Customize your Late Schedule, Discounts and Specials

Allow SiteLink to help you manage your business the way you want using your rules.

SiteLink StandAlone Upgrade

While your copy of SiteLink has been a pillar of stability for your business, eventually the world around changes to the point where new features, compatibilities and security enhancements are a necessity. The latest version of SiteLink StandAlone offers PCI certified credit card processing, Windows 10 and backwards compatibility, plus the latest gate integrations.

SiteLink Web Edition Upgrade

Love SiteLink StandAlone but need more versatility? Are you thinking about opening additional stores and wish you had a way to manage them remotely?

SiteLink Web Edition is the preferred choice for single-store and large operators alike, winning "Inside Self-Storage’s Best of Business: Best Management Software" award five years running. SiteLink Web Edition is in use at more stores than any other self-storage management software.

Try SiteLink Web Edition for free – request demo software.

Enhance Your Business:

  • Unlimited users, installs and locations
  • Leverage the internet, use tablets and smartphones
  • Free eCommerce website included, or add payments and reservations to your existing website
  • Grow profits with revenue management
  • Reduce paper, add rentals with SiteLink eSign™
  • Automate operations with text messaging and email
  • Boost service and rentals with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Manage multiple stores from a central location
  • Grow your business with the SiteLink Marketplace

SiteLink StandAlone PC Edition Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, contact us today or request more information for SiteLink StandAlone PC Edition.

  • How much does SiteLink StandAlone (PC version) cost?
    SiteLink PC comes either bundled with Merchant Services or can be purchased ‘a la carte’. In all cases SiteLink StandAlone is a one time purchase. Maintenance fees, and upgrades are optional. The cost per package varies based on the options you choose and size of your facility. Please call for a quote.
  • Does SiteLink StandAlone Require an internet connection?
    While it is helpful during installation and conversion (from a different software) to have your SiteLink technician logged into your machine, it is not necessary. Once SiteLink StandAlone is set up and running, no further internet connection is required unless you wish to send email or run Credit Card payments over an internet connection.
  • Will SiteLink StandAlone continue to be supported by SiteLink?
    SiteLink StandAlone, has been a SiteLink offering for nearly 20 years. We continue update it to run on the latest operating systems, gate systems and best credit card compliance best practices. There is no sunset date for SiteLink StandAlone and we will continue to support it into the foreseeable future.
  • What payment integrations does SiteLink StandAlone support (Does SiteLink StandAlone run Credit cards)?
    With SiteLink StandAlone you can use most payment processors as well as SiteLink Merchant Services. The program does run scheduled credit card payments (auto-bill) if that feature is chosen.
  • Can SiteLink StandAlone send email notices?
    Email is included in our bundled version of SiteLink StandAlone and is an option on our a la carte menu. The email feature allows you to save on postage and printing costs by emailing invoices and notices.
  • Does SiteLink StandALone work on my (phone, tablet, Mac, Linux, etc)?
    SiteLink StandAlone is PC based and runs on MS Windows only. If you want to operate your store from a non-windows device, SiteLink Web Edition tablet version works on any browser.
  • Can I take online payments and reservations using SiteLink StandAlone?
    SiteLink StandAlone does not interface with websites. The SiteLink Web Edition eCommerce Bundle is the most economical choice if you would like to offer eCommerce services.
  • Will SiteLink StandAlone interface with my gate (keypad)?
    SiteLink interfaces will all major gate companies and has a generic interface for smaller companies. Almost certainly, if your gate and keypad can be controlled by software, SiteLink will be able to control it.
  • What is the difference between SiteLink StandAlone and the SiteLink Web Edition cloud version?
    The two programs have high level similarities: they both help you track your tenants, units, dollars, notices, and interface with physical things at your facility such as your printer, and gate. SiteLink Web Edition has the advantage of interfacing with services over the internet, such as websites, call centers, kiosks, text message services, phone systems, etc. SiteLink Web Edition resides in the Cloud and can be run from anywhere, without limits on how many or what kind of computer it runs on. In contrast, SiteLink StandAlone installs on PCs and is only locally accessible. Live telephone technical support and free upgrades are included with SiteLink Web Edition whereas these are optional features of SiteLink StandAlone. Most operators with DSL or better internet connection find more value in SiteLink Web Edition.

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