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SiteLink hosts support webinars presented by our customer support staff to educate and explain the full range of SiteLink self-storage management software. These support webinars provide insight on improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and boosting profits using SiteLink’s included tool-set. Watch any of the recorded SiteLink support webinars below or join the live conversation and register for an upcoming webinar where you may ask questions directly to the expert.

On-Demand SiteLink Support Webinars

Using SiteLink StandAlone

Presented on September 28, 2016 by James Renouf

For those that need to operate a self-storage facility without an internet connection, learn how to use the PC-based SiteLink StandAlone Edition to streamline your daily processes. Join James to discover tips, best practices and features to work more efficiently. Gain actionable knowledge and answers to commonly asked questions about SiteLink StandAlone.

Mastering Uncommon Situations Using SiteLink

Presented on August 10, 2016 by James Renouf

Every now and then a circumstance presents itself that is outside normal daily operation. Through decades of customer feedback, SiteLink has developed solutions to those uncommon self-storage situations.

The New SiteLink Experience - myHub

Presented on May 18, 2016 by James Renouf

With myHub, SiteLink has created a full-featured browser experience. Using any computer, tablet or smartphone access graphs, reporting, and site walk-through in real-time. Customers have asked for more browser capabilities and we have delivered.

Kick Off 2016 With Reservations, Rentals & CRM

Presented on February 10, 2016 by James Renouf

Two of the most powerful screens in SiteLink are the Inquiries & Reservations and CRM screens. Learn how to convert more leads into Rentals with automated follow-up for inquiries, reservations, and enhance current tenant communication. Let the SiteLink program help streamline your inquiry and CRM process.

SiteLink 2015 Year In Review

Presented on January 20, 2016 by James Renouf

Always innovating with a customer focus, SiteLink added personnel, office space, new technology partners and a number of product enhancements to increase the value provided to its customers.

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Upcoming SiteLink Support Webinars

Auditing Part 1 - Site Level Audits Using SiteLink Web Edition

Join us live November 16, 2016 with Alyssa Quill from Storage Asset Management, Inc.

The knowledge and presence of consistent review and audits raises everyone’s level of attention and performance. During this webinar, we’ll help you identify areas of opportunity for your property, in order to increase your bottom line and reduce your liability. Used properly and consistently, auditing will boost the health and growth of your self-storage business.

Auditing Part 2 - Corporate Level Audits Using Corporate Control Center

Join us live December 07, 2016 with Alyssa Quill from Storage Asset Management, Inc.

Spotting red flags and regular check-ups made easy. During this webinar, we’ll introduce you to several tools and reports in Corporate Control Center that will help you audit your storage businesses efficiently. We’ll explain how to use them, what to watch out for and how to protect your business from potential losses.

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