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Created in 1996, SMD Software’s SiteLink has emerged as the leader in self-storage software. Our mission is simple: to provide the best software and customer support. Our seasoned staff is highly qualified and experienced in both self-storage operations and programming. Our unique mix of learning from customers and translating customer feedback into great code makes SiteLink stand above other software solutions. In a team effort, our sales, technical support and programming departments constantly evolve SiteLink. Our large staff of full-time technicians answer 96% of support calls immediately and return messages within minutes. Our support expertise spans simple how-to questions, network setup, and more complex accounting and financial management problems.

At SMD Software, we ensure all installations of our 9,500 customers are on go all the time. Listening to customer requests led us to create SiteLink Web Edition and raise the industry standard once again. SiteLink Web Edition is scalable; it grows with your company. You can integrate your web site and offer online billing to your tenants. The quality of central reporting, seamless integration with other applications, and the speed of SiteLink Web Edition raises the bar for all web-based or web-enabled systems.

SiteLink Web Edition seamlessly integrates a new Portable Storage Module. We built the Portable Storage Module on self-storage features and added punch by tracking container movement, scheduling deliveries, and creating work orders. Whether your portable storage business stands on its own or is part of your “traditional” self-storage business, SiteLink Web Edition is for you. I have personally worked with the majority of our customers on installing SiteLink. I am proud to demonstrate my team’s effort to combine its unique insight and feedback to craft SiteLink Web Edition. I invite you to take a look for yourself.

Markus Hecker
Chief Operating Officer, SMD Software